(Duration:  10 Hours 550 KM BY 4WD)

The Wahiba Sands, a vast mass of undulating red and white sea of sand and dunes rising up to 200 metres are also host to a variety of flora and fauna. The ever-changing patterns of the dunes are a photographers delight. Visit a Bedouin house in this wilderness. In stark contrast to this is Wadi Bani Khalid. It comprises of small pretty villages embedded in the mountains. The Wadi has clear deep blue water.
(It is advisable to wear light comfortable clothing and walking shoes).


(Duration: 8 Hours - 340 KM BY 4WD)

A full day tour along the Batinah coast. Our first stop is the Seeb Fish Souq by the seaside. Drive through the date palms to the sparkling springs and Fort at Nakhl. Visit the beautiful Wakan Village famous for its terrace farming. Our next stop is Wadi Abhyad which has large patches of white sedimentation and when translated means white wadi. The drive winds through the mountains with small pools of water dotting the wadi bed.
(It is advisable to wear light comfortable clothing and walking shoes ).


(Duration: 10 Hours - 400 KM BY 4WD)

Our first stop is at the 300-year-old fort, Bait Na’aman. It’s a beautiful country house, which has been restored and furnished. At this fort, it is seen how traditionally the Imam and his family subsisted. The castle has reinstated all the time-honored artefacts such as Khanjars, artillery, jewellery and the chinaware. Proceed to Al Awabi and take the turn off to Wadi Bani Auf. This is a very unique drive through the sedimentary mountains. For those inclined there is a wonderful canyon to explore on foot. The route through the mountains is dramatic. Bilad Sayt  is one of Oman’s most quaint  villages with an old world appeal  Explore this tranquil  village on foot  with its patchwork of terrace farming and traditional houses laid out against the rocky slopes . Enjoy a picnic lunch here. After the visit to the village proceed to the Snake Gorge  where one can enjoy a short walk ( weather permitting )  . Proceed to  Wadi Sahtan where one gets to meet the beekeepers. View the beautifully carved door at the Al Hazm Fort before returning to Muscat.( Picnic lunch included . It is advisable to wear light clothing and walking shoes )


TWILIGHT DHOW CRUISE  / SUNDAYS & THURSDAYS ONLY – 3 hours including transfer time
Transfer from the hotel to the Marina to embark on a relaxed dhow (fishermen’s boat) cruise. See Muscat coast through the eyes of ancient seafarers who plied this route for centuries. Have a brief stop at a natural cove. Photograph the spectacular Al Bustan Palace Hotel before we return back to the Marina for the transfer to the hotel.
(Soft drinks, tea, coffee and dates served on board)


(Duration:3½ Hours) (0730hrs–1100hrs Other hotel incld transfers)

Transfer from the Muscat hotel to the pier side to embark on a boat as we search the seas for Dolphins and Whales. Watching wild dolphins is a thrilling way to start the day and the lucky may even come across one of the many species of whales that can be found just a few kilometres from Muscat’s rugged coast. Not every trip guarantees a sighting, but you are sure to enjoy a trip out to sea and enhance your knowledge of nature’s most fascinating marine mammals. (Soft drinks  and sandwiches included).

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